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Global Objectives On Forest
As enshrined in the Non-legally Binding Instruments on all types of forest (UN Forest Instruments) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007
In 2006, at its sixth session, the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) agreed on four shared Global Objectives on Forests, providing clear guidance on the future work of the international arrangement on forests. The four Global Objectives seek to:

UN Forest Instrument: A Framework For Implementing Sustainable Forest Management
As a framework for implementing sustainable forest management, the UN Forest Instrument includes a set of 25 National Policies and Measures, which are designed to bring the country closer to the goal of achieving sustainably managed forest ecosystems all over the archipelago.

Although on voluntary basis, each member state of UNFF is responsible for the sustainable management of its forests and enforcement of its forest-related laws.

Importantly, in addition to the Government’s forest service units, all relevant stakeholders including local government units (LGU), local and indigenous communities, and non-governmental, civil society, academe, and media organizations will be involved through transparent, participatory constructive engagements, dialogues, and consultations.
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