Community Stakeholders Support Stronger Forest Protection in Palawan

Photo caption: Representatives of member POs of Palawan Federation of CBFM/CADC Holders Association participate in a forest patrolling simulation during the Lawin training organized by CENRO Taytay in partnership with USAID’s B+WISER Program.

About 40 people’s organizations (POs) that are members of the province-wide Palawan Federation of CBFM/CADC Holders Association have expressed support for stronger forest protection in a resolution issued by the federation on October 2017. In the same resolution, the federation also signified their interest to learn the Lawin system and to participate in efforts to help DENR conserve Palawan’s remaining natural forests. In response to this, a two-day training on the Lawin Forest and Biodiversity Protection System was co-organized by USAID’s B+WISER Program and CENRO Taytay on 23-24 November 2017.

This is the first in a series of forest protection trainings that aim to capacitate member POs of the federation throughout the province. On its first run, representatives from 5 POs based in El Nido and Taytay were given an overview of CENRO Taytay’s forest conservation areas, the unique species found in these areas and the threats to their habitats. Participants were trained in key elements of the Lawin system and coached in the use of Cybertracker through a forest patrolling simulation exercise. CENRO Taytay welcomed the federation’s support as their participation in forest patrols will boost efforts to curb destructive practices in the area. CENRO Taytay is in charge of protecting 87,982 hectares of forest conservation areas which is home to several endemic wildlife species like Palawan bearcat, Palawan porcupine, Palawan hornbill, and Palawan peacock peasant.