Plan for continuing Lawin application as national strategy for forest protection, formulated

DENR-FRM Director Nonito Tamayo shares how Lawin has modernized the bureau's forest protection program during a workshop in Batangas to assess the implementation of Lawin. (Photo credit: USAID/B+WISER)

Two years after it adopted the USAID-developed Lawin Forest and Biodiversity Protection System, the DENR held a national workshop to assess the results of the implementation of the system in 2017 and formulate a plan for its continued implementation. More than 200 participants from 16 DENR regions participated in the workshop. “Forest protection is one of the 10 priorities of the DENR Secretary. Lawin has modernized the way DENR conducts forest production. In this workshop, we will examine ‘what went right, what went wrong, and what needs to be done to sustain its implementation,’ declared Forest Management Bureau (FMB) Director Nonito M. Tamayo in his opening speech.

In 2017, Lawin's implementation resulted in the following: more than 3,200 forest patrollers and data managers trained on the system, majority of the CENROs with forest conservation area plans, creation of a Lawin Unit at DENR-FMB, increased and enhanced access of DENR offices to patrol data, response protocols ready for roll out, steps towards institutionalization i.e. Lawin manuals and Lawin Department Administrative Order drafted, actions to address threats have been taken. Further, DENR reported that the overall trend is threats observed per km is decreasing which is a positive indicator of forest condition. Each regional delegation conducted an analysis of how patrols are contributing or not to the achievement of conservation targets and outlined what adjustments need to be made. The analyses were valuable inputs in formulating regional work and financial plans for additional capacity development activities on forest protection that will be funded by FMB. The FMB has earmarked about $1 million (PhP 50 million) to support the formulated regional plans.