Enhancements in the preparation of Community Resource Management Framework

January 5, 2015

Through the issuance of Executive Order 263, the Community-Based Forest Management was adopted as the national strategy to ensure the sustainable development of country’s forestland resources. Under this program, the Community-Based Forest Management Agreement (CBFMA) is entered into between the government and partner Peoples Organizations (POs).

The CRMF on the other hand, is a strategic plan of the community on how to manage and benefit from the forest resources on a sustainable basis. It describes the community’s long-term vision, commitments and strategies for the protection, rehabilitation, development, and utilization of forest resources. The CRMF shall provide detailed activities for the first five years and shall serve as the five-year work plan of the PO.

However, due to tedious requirements in the preparation of the CRMF, the POs still require technical assistance of the DENR, the NGOs, and other supporting organizations. In a addition, the approach in developing the CRMF is very academic and text-heavy which is often meagerly appreciated and understood by the POs. As a result, only a handful of CBFMA recipients are able to [prepare their CRMF. More than the CRMF preparation is the difficulty of achieving the goals and objectives vis-à-vis plan implementation.

The enhanced process adheres to the existing CBFM-related policies and follows he concept of participatory planning. It consists of nine phases, where strategies and outputs for each phase are clearly defined. Specifically, the enhancements were made on the process of conducting community mapping and vision, mission and objectives (VMOs) setting. The sresulting CRMF will be translated from the traditional narrative form into maps, tables/matrices for easier preparation and understanding. Hence, the resulting CRMF is more visual rather textual in character.

The Enhanced CRMF Process

  1. Overlaying of Maps to produce Base Map

Base map is derived from satellite images which cover the boundary and shows the important features of the CBFMA area.

  1. Community Mapping

Members of the community validate the features indicated in the base map. It is a method of drawing the information of existing distribution of different biophysical, socio-economic and cultural features of the area. The result of this activity is an updated community map.

  1. Digitizing of Updated Community Map

The GIS Unit of the Project shall digitize the updated community map to produce shapefile maps showing the attributes/features of the CBFMA area. The updated CM is then translated into digital maps to be printed for the use of POs in succeeding activities.

  1. Visioning

Using the updated Community Map, the POs undertake visioning to reflect the kind of development activities translated into spatial presentation. Under this step is a vision map.

  1. Formulation of Strategies and Activities

Guided by the updated CM and vision map, the PO will undertake formulation of strategies and action plans within 25 years broken down into five-year in matric form. For FMP, the first five-year work plan serves as the basis in the contracting and implementation of yearly site development targets of a certain PO.

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