FMP execs tackle Project implementation issues, concerns

August 14, 2015
FMB Director Ricardo Calderon chairs the Project Technical Committee

Visayas Ave., Quezon City ― Forestland Management Project (FMP) executives tackled Project implementation status, issues and concerns in relation to its overall targets during its first Project Technical Committee (PTC) meeting held last 30 July 2015 at the Forest Management Bureau, DENR.

Attended by the Directors and representatives from various DENR Offices and Bureaus, some of the topics discussed include completion of watershed characterization reports, submission of Land Tenure Instrument (LTI) applications, conduct of site development activities and impact of DENR Rationalization Plan to the Project, among others.

The PTC was created under the DENR Special Order No. 2015-151 or the “Institutional Arrangements for the Management and Implementation of FMP” dated 6 March 2015 to recommend plan of actions and policy issuances relative to Project implementation.

At the end of discussions, the executives came up with several recommendations to gear up project operations. These include creation of multi-disciplinary team in the conduct of assessment on the use of dipterocarp wildlings as source of planting materials for the establishment of reforestation areas, possible acquisition instead of construction of bunkhouse of People’s Organization, provision of additional funds for the improvement of Field Implementing Units buildings, and facilitation of mentoring and proper turn-over of knowledge assets to newly-hired personnel.

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