FMP rolls out Project database system

April 27, 2017

The dawn of information age has put attention on the importance of managing vast amount of information with the aid of modern technologies. In the case of forest management, organizing data and information of various stakeholders and partners is regarded as a crucial aspect both in the decision-making and efficiency of work processes.

On 26-28 April 2017, the Forestland Management Project (FMP) exemplifies the importance of managing data of its stakeholders, particularly the partner Peoples Organizations, by conducting an Orientation and Pre-implementation Workshop of its Project Database System to the FMP Field Implementing Units (FIUs).

“The success of managing our data and information banks on your (FIUs) accountability. It is important not only to input accurate data, but also to process and analyze such in order to translate it into information and knowledge that would lead to committing better decisions,” says For. Orlando Panganiban, FMP Project Manager.

The said workshop, facilitated by the FMP Central Project Management Office (CPMO) Management Information Analyst Gerbert Lucas, entails lecture on the importance of database system and hands-on mentoring of its practical application in the implementation of FMP.

“The FMP Database System is important to efficiently manage data for more effective Project implementation,” says Mr. Lucas.

The following data that will be managed by the FIUs in the system include POs’ profile, Site Development contracts, thematic and interactive maps, PO Capacity Building information, and other administrative and personnel data.

It is expected that at the end of the workshop, the FIUs will be able to input available data from their respective Regions/Province in the system, finalize the guidelines in the operationalization of the FMP Database System, and facilitate the submission of reportorial requirements of the Project at the DENR and those that are required by oversight agencies.

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