Lawin Data Management Conference

On August 28-31, 2018, the Forest Management Bureau together with USAID B+WISER conducted the Lawin Data Management Conference - Visayas-Mindanao Cluster at the Grand Regal Hotel, Davao City. The conference was participated by CENRO, PENRO and Regional Data Managers, Regional Enforcement Division Chiefs, Regional Planning Division Chiefs and the Regional Director of Region XI – Ms. Ruth Tawantawan.

The program started with an inspirational message from Ms. Ruth Tawantawan who gave emphasis on the potentials of the Lawin System in continuing efforts done for forest protection. Assistant Secretary for Staff Bureaus, Ricardo Calderon; Assistant Secretary for Field Operations-Visayas in concurrent capacity for Undersecretary for Field Operations, Marcial Amaro, Jr.; representative of USAID B+WISER, Mr. Felix Gaschick; and FMB Director, Mr. Nonito Tamayo also gave inspirational messages in support to the Lawin implementation.

The four-day conference aimed to capacitate the Lawin data managers in data-driven forest protection and data analysis and interpretation using the Lawin Dashboard, SMART Reports and on-demand queries. In addition, the data managers were also presented with the process flow of the Data Quality Assessment done by the National Data Managers to give emphasis on the importance of good data quality. The conference highlighted the upgrade of SMART 5.0.1 to SMART 6.0, the Lawin Help Desk, and the Integration of National Greening Program (NGP) sites and Biodiversity Monitoring System (BMS) in the Lawin System. By the end of the quarter, the Lawin unit shall have deployed the SMART 6.0 upgrade and improved the monitoring of responses to forest threats.
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