Learning Event and Actual Coaching on Lawin Forest ond Biodiversity Protection System of Selected FMB Personnel

      The Forest Management Bureau (FMB) thru the Lawin Unit conducted a Learning event on Lawin Forest and Biodiversity Protection System on February 6-9, 2018 at Cocoon Boutique Hotel, Quezon City. The workshop was attended by selected FMB personnel which consists of technical staff, Section and Division Chiefs of the Forest Resources Conservation Division and Representatives from Forest Policy, Planning and Knowledge Management Division.

      The four-day learning event aims to introduce and familiarize selected FMB Personnel on how the Lawin System works and how is it implemented on the field. The discussion includes proper patrolling for recording observation in the forest conservation areas, data management using the Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART), queries and report generation on relevant data of forest condition, observed threats and indicator species, and necessary response mechanisms to address threats in a timely manner.

    A simulated patrolling exercise was performed near the venue to have an actual experience using Cybertracker mobile application. Subsequently, lectures on data management using the participants’ gathered data, appropriate environmental laws and developed Lawin response protocol were done to have an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the system. On the last day of the event, participants shared and contributed ideas for the improvement of the system.
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