Forestland Management Project


          Forest Management Project – is a ten-year DENR-JICA Project that aims to strengthen forestland management in three critical river basins through the implementation of collaborative and comprehensive Community-based Forest Management strategies.


  • To rehabilitate degraded forestlands in three crtical river basins
  • To improve forest conservation and socio-economic conditions of affected communities
  • To contribute to disaster risk mitigation efforts in vulnerable areas
  • To strengthen forestland management through Community-based management strategies:
    1. Empowering people's organizations
    2. Securing land tenure rights
    3. Enterprise development for food security and income
    4. Development, conservation, protection and sustainable use of forestland resources
Project Locations

  • Upper Magat and Cagayan River Basin - (CAR) Ifugao/(R02) Nueva Viscaya and Quirino
  • Pampanga River Basin - (R03) Nueva Ecija
  • Jalaur River Basin - (R06) Iloilo

  • Survey, Mapping and Planning
  • Community Organizing
  • Site Development
  • Agro-forestry Support Facilities
  • Policy Initatives for Watershed
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Consulting Services
Expected Outputs

  • Award of Land Tenure Instruments
  • Rehabilitation of 65,000 hectares of degraded forestlands
  • Completion of all units of agro-forestry facilities
  • Application of conservation measures to 5,800 hectares

Strengthening the operations of Watershed Management Council or Protected Areas management Board

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