Master Plan
Philippine Master Plan for Climate Change Resilient Forestry Development
January 2016
Revised Master Plan for Forestry Development
December 2003
Master Plan for Forestry Development
June 1990
Green Books
GreenBook1: Production of Planting Materials
Greenbook2: Procedure and Techniques in Planting
Greenbook3: Care, Maintenance and Protection of Planted Seedlings
Community ENR-based Enterprise Development and Management
Guidebook - ENR Enterprise
Green Kit for Lowland, Urban and Coastal Ecosystems
Green Kit for Upland Ecosystems
Philippine Forests at a Glance 2018 Edition
Philippine Forests at a Glance 2017 Edition
Philippine Forests at a Glance 2016 Edition
Philippine Forests at a Glance 2014
Philippine Forests Facts and Figures
Lawin Forest and Biodiversity Protection System
Procedure for Responding to Observed Threats in Forest Conservation Area
Module 1 - Forest Conservation Area Planning
Module 2 - Purpose-driven Patrolling
Module 3 - Data Management
Module 4 - Response
The Tree Talks Vol.1 No.1
The Tree Talks Vol.1 No.2
The Tree Talks Vol.1 No.3
Tree Talks Vol. 2 No.1
Tree Talks Vol. 2 No.2
Tree Talks Vol. 3 No.1
Tree Talks Vol. 3 No.2
Tree Talks Vol. 3 No.3
Other References
Forestry Resource Mapping Using GIS
Field Survey using Handheld GPS Receiver
1998 National Forest Resources of the Philippines
Strategic Plan of Action for ASEAN Co-operation on Forestry (2016-2025)
Vision and Strategic Plan for ASEAN Cooperation in Food, Agriculture and Forestry (2016-2025)
Philippine National REDD-Plus Strategy
National Greening Program: Implementation Manual
NGP Geo-Tagging Manual

Climate-Proofing of the Philippine Revised Master Plan for Forestry Development
FAO assessment of forests and carbon stocks, 1990-2015
Forest Land Use Planning Training Guide
Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015: How are the world's forests changing
Guidelines for Application in Mine sites and Land Rehabilitation Projects in the Philippines
Mapping Guidebook for Forest Land Use Planning
Reforestation project cost estimates based on DMC 2000-19
Terms and Definitions
Watershed Characterization and Vulnerability Assessment Using Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing
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