Sustainable Investment Packages for the Forestry Sector

      Department of Environment and National Resources Regional Representatives nationwide participated in the Learning Event on Forestry Investment Packaging in support to the Forestry Investment Road Map (FIRM) on December 4-8, 2017.

     The learning event organized by the Forest Management Bureau (FMB) thru the Forest Investment Development Division (FIDD) aimed to: (1) enhance the knowledge of DENR Regional Office personnel on the concepts and applications of investment packaging; and (2) enable DENR Regional Office personnel to develop an investment package for a particular FIRM investment area or category, considering the region’s comparative and competitive advantages.

     The participants’ learning covered strengthening their skill on demand-driven investment design, identification of possible forestry investors, preparation and packaging of investment proposals and relationship building after proposal submission.

     The event became an avenue to identify field issues and concerns which are the keys to recommend actions and initiatives towards sustainable investments. Moreover, investment packages per region were developed to serve as a guide or template in packaging potential forestry investments.

     Such outputs would all aid in the advancement of the FIRM, and the strategy to ensure that the economic, social and environmental sustainability of our country by optimizing the products and services from our forests shall be pursued.

     The workshop ended with the presentation of the investment package proposals. While all the Regions have exerted best efforts, DENR Regions 6, 13, 10, 12 and 1 were acknowledged to have ready-to-sell investment packages. With the outputs at hand, these would serve as proofs that the FIRM is on the right track to address the needs to sustainable forestry investments in the country.
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