Writeshop on Partnership Mechanism and Finalization of the Communication Plan (ComPlan) for the Forestry Investment Road Map (FIRM)

      Among the identified strategies of Forestry Investment Road Map (FIRM) is to establish new/strengthen existing partnerships on its key stakeholders. This entails the forging of partnership agreements/ arrangements with stakeholders to encourage forestry investment. To this end, the Forest Management Bureau (FMB) through the Forest Investment Development Division spearheaded a Writeshop on Partnership Mechanism and Finalization of the ComPlan on FIRM on November 8-10, 2017 in Laiya San Juan, Batangas. The event was participated by twenty-three (23) women and three (3) men from the Forest Management Bureau (FMB).

    For. Jesus A. Javier, Chief, FIDD, graced the event through his message and emphasized the importance of a partnership mechanism in steering sustainable forestry investments in the country. After which, For. Rebecca B. Aguda, Chief of the Forestry Partnership Development Section, presented the writeshop overview and objectives, and even cited encouraging words from The Rio Earth Summit, UN Conference on Environment and Development, that “partnership should always provide new opportunities for doing development better by recognizing the qualities and competencies of each stakeholder and finding new ways of harnessing these common good”.

    The said Writeshop pursued the following: (1) identification of different phases in the partnering process; (2) development of partnership mechanisms/strategies in partnership building; (3) identification of possible management arrangements between DENR and other sectors that are involved in the investment initiatives; (4) identification of existing management arrangements/tenure applicable to the potential investment areas enumerated in FIRM; (5) enumeration of practices that would help manage, sustain, and strengthen partnerships/linkages; and (6) enhancement of the Communication Plan for FIRM.
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