INREMP conducts ANR Workshop

The participants try grass pressing in the ANR area as part of the site visit.

      The Integrated Natural resources and Environmental Management Project intends to conserve, protect, and rehabilitate degraded forestlands in the watersheds. To achieve the abovementioned objectives and outputs, different Natural Resources Management investments will be implemented in all the project sites and one of which is Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR).

      The National Project Coordinating Office (NPCO) organized a workshop for Assisted Natural Regeneration and Enrichment Planting to capacitate its field project staff last November 23-28, 2015 at Bohol Tropics, Tagbilaran, Bohol.

      The said workshop was attended by INREMP staff from the NPCO, Regional Project Coordinating Office (RPCO), Provincial Project Management Office (PPMO), and Watershed Management Project Coordinating Office (WMPCO). It was also attended by representatives from DENR and FMB.

      The learning event aimed to deepen the knowledge, practice, and application of the Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) method as a restoration technique in INREMP sites and to involve the participants in the actual assessment of ANR areas for designing sub-projects and implementation.

      Mr. Ernesto Cadawang, resource speaker, discussed the overview of the ANR concepts and the key steps and processes used in ANR as restoration technique in a watershed landscape.

Mr. Ernesto Cadaweng, resource speaker,
discusses the key principles of ANR.

      "ANR is the most cost-efficient restoration technique because it only requires us to help the naturally-growing young trees to grow faster. It aims to accelerate rather than replace what is present in an area." Mr. Cadaweng explained

      Moreover, For. Percival Cardona, Head of Planning Unit, presented the FMB/INREMP Technical Bulletin on the Application of ANR for Forest Restoration.

      The participants were also able to visit the former ANR pilot site in Barangay San Miguel, Danao, Bohol for on-site observation, field discussion, and field application of the ANR processes and techniques.

      The training was ended by action planning for Refining/revising the ANR sub-project proposal headed by For. Cardona.