Job Oppurtunities

Relative to the full implementation of the Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project (INREMP), there is a need to engage specific set of staff that the project urgently needed to ensure its smooth implementation.

Contract Management Specialist Php 30,000.00 - Php 33,000.00 1 Full-Time

Contract Management Specialist

Terms of Reference

The Contract Management Specialist will provide staff work in support of due diligence in the management of all Technical Assistance (TA) contracts under INREMP. The said specialist will:

  1. Monitor and review progress of contracts implementation to ensure that it complies with the stipulated requirements, standards, and planned timetable and provide specific, actionable and time-bound recommendations.
  2. Facilitate a technical review of outputs/deliverables of the consultant(s) for acceptance and processing of corresponding payments of outputs/deliverables.
  3. Support the PMO in checking the quality of outputs/deliverables upon submission by the Service Providers (e.g consultant/s/firm).
  4. Provide specific, actionable and time-bound recommendations to improve TA contract management, periodically.
  5. Acts as a focal person on behalf of NPCO for contract administration.
  6. Provide technical leadership for a first stage resolution in case of any dispute that the PMO may have with Consultant/s/Firm and request for contract variation.
  7. Represent/support the PMO during audits and reviews by Donors and oversight agencies.
  8. Prepare and submit contracts' progress implementation reports to form part of the overall M&E reports required by oversight and funding institutions.
  9. Perform other functions as may be assigned by the Project Director/Manager/Supervisor.


  • Preferably with a degree in the field of Management, Public Administration, Law or relevant experience related to the job;
  • Experience in projects and procurement is an advantage;
  • Familiar with DENR/FMB mandates, priorities and projects;

Interested applicants must submit their application to the Forest Management Bureau Records Unit and send to with the following attachments:

  • Cover Letter
  • Duly accomplished Personal Data Sheet form or Resume
  • Certifications, if there's any (e.g. trainings attended, diploma) - optional

Download Personal Data Sheet form.