Quinali “A” Watershed


The 73,800-hectare Quinali “A” Watershed (QAW) is one of the major sub-basins of the Bicol River Basin which covers two provinces, Albay and Camarines Sur (Region 5), with over 92% of the land area falling under the administrative jurisdiction of Albay. This critical sub-basin is within the Albay Tres Development and Management Unit of the Provincial Government, representing 26% of the total land area of Albay.

Quinali “A” Watershed provides significant ecosystem services, such as water for irrigation and domestic use, to about 370,000 people (2010 NSO Census), majority of whom reside in the six towns of Camalig, Guinobatan, Libon, Ligao, Oas, and Polangui. About 95% of the watershed is considered alienable and disposable land.

It is also home to portions of Mt. Marasaga Watershed Forest Reserve, Mt. Malinao Geothermal Reservation, Bato Lake, and the world famous perfect cone Mount Mayon. The watershed hosts 177 floral species, 165 land vertebrates, 106 bird species, 20 mammals and 30 reptiles, some of which are rare and endangered.

In 2010, total forest cover in the priority site was at 7,000 hectares or 9% of total land area. However, continued forest and habitat degradation was observed in Guinobatan caused mainly by the devastation of Super typhoon Durian (local name Reming) in 2006. Other threats to forest health include illegal tree cutting and unsustainable fuel-wood collection, and led to a net forest loss of 27 hectares a year according to 2013-2010 data.