What is FMP?

FMP is a ten-year (2012-2022) Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) – Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) project that aims to strengthen forestland management in three critical river basins through the implementation of collaborative and comprehensive Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) strategies.

The Project is expected to integrate conservation and development-oriented activities with full participation and capacitation of local communities. These include 147 People’s Organizations (POs) within the identified 24 sub-watershed areas as well as the DENR and other stakeholders.

The total project investment cost is estimated at Php 5,870.64 million. Total cost to be borne by Government of Philippines (GOP) is Php 1,162.26 million and total cost to be covered by the loan is Php 4,708.38 million.


  1. Rehabilitate degraded forestlands in three (3) critical river basin (Upper Magat and Cagayan, Upper Pampanga, and Jalaur);
  2. Improve forest conservation and socio-economic conditions of affected communities;
  3. Contribute to disaster risk mitigation efforts in vulnerable areas; and
  4. Strengthen forestland management through community-based management strategies;
    • Empowering people’s organizations
    • Issuance of Land Tenure Instruments
    • Enterprise development for food security and income
    • Development, conservation, protection and sustainable use of forestland resources

Project Components

  1. Comprehensive Site Development
  2. 1.A. Survey, Mapping and Planning (SMP)

    • Conduct of watershed characterization, vulnerability assessment and socio-economic baseline survey
    • Conduct of ground survey and mapping of potential areas for site development and issuance of land tenure instruments
    • Preliminary study on community-based enterprise development
    • Preparation of rehabilitation, protection and development plan

    1.B. Community Organizing

    • PO Formation, Strengthening and Issuance of CBFMA/PACBRMA including other Appropriate Tenure Instruments
    • Formation and registration of new POs, and strengthening of existing POs and facilitating acquisition of Community Based-Forest Management Agreement, Protected Area Community-Based Resource Management Agreement (CBFMA/PACBRMA) and other appropriate tenure instruments

    PO Capacity Building (POCB)
    Provision of technical and managerial support to POs, including but not limited to:

    • provision of trainings and on-site coaching;
    • assistance in planning;
    • assistance in the preparation of organizational structure and policy improvement; and
    • organizing cross farm visits to orient farmers on other appropriate technologies.

    1.C. Site Development

    • Engagement of people’s organizations in the implementation of site development activities such as forest tree plantation, agroforestry plantation including maintenance and protection and enterprise development (e.g. bio-fuel production)

    1.D. Agroforestry Support Facilities

    • Planning, designing, and construction of agroforestry support facilities including foot bridges, irrigation systems, etc.

    1.E. Policy Initiatives for Watershed Management

    • Initiatives for the establishment of Watershed Management Councils and cost sharing mechanisms for the management and rehabilitation of watersheds covered by the Project

    1.F. Monitoring and Evaluation

    • Regular and midterm monitoring and evaluation of physical and financial accomplishments;
    • Post project evaluation of physical and financial accomplishments;
    • Formulation of phase in/out plan using appropriate monitoring tools (e.g. C & I System);
    • Financial Audit;
    • Ex-post validation and project impact assessment

    1.G. Project Management

    • Organization and establishment of Project Management Offices at DENR Central, Regional, Provincial and CENRO levels;
    • Supervision and management of project implementation;
    • Conduct of staff development activities and workshops, consultation, meetings with concerned staff, communities, LGUs and other concerned stakeholders
  3. Consultancy Services
  4. Engagement of individual consultants to assist in the implementation of project in accordance with the approved Terms of Reference (TOR)

Institutional Arrangement

institutional arrangement

Portfolio Review Meeting (PRM)

The Project Review Meeting is a quarterly meeting of DENR and JICA Philippines wherein FMP provides updates on its disbursement, status of implementation, and its accomplishments. It also serves as a venue to tackle issues and concerns relative to Project implementation.