Upper Magat and Cagayan River Basin
This river basin provides a variety of services to the people, such as hydroelectricity, irrigation, fishery, flood control, and recreation among others. However, inappropriate landuse practices in the area are causing severe erosion and siltation of rivers. The JICA assisted “Master Plan Study for Watershed Management in the Upper Magat and Cagayan River Basin” indicated that the Magat River Basin is particularly threatened by excessive soil loss of 8,673,000 per year and requiring urgent soil and water conservation activities.

Cordillera Administrative Region: Ifugao

Region 2: Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino

Upper Pampanga River Basin
The Pampanga River Basin is the source of hydro-electric power of Luzon Grid, irrigates about 363,246 hectares of farmland and source of industrial, commercial and domestic water supply for Region 3 and Metro Manila. But the watershed has insufficient forest cover inasmuch as only 71,631 hectares, representing 9 per cent of the river basin or 24 percent of the forestland within the basin, are forested. Moreover, floods frequently occur within the watershed. Every storm event and heavy rainfall that occurs in Central Luzon causes flooding and destroys millions of crops, properties and loss of lives in the said watershed. The depth of flood ranges from 0.1 to 3.8 meters on areas 30 meters above sea level and the total area affected rages from 10,000-138,000 hectares.

Region 3: Nueva Ecija

Jalaur River Basin
The Jalaur River Watershed, being one of the major rivers in the province of Iloilo, is the source of irrigation for 22,000 hectares of river lands in the area. Likewise, Jalaur River is the source of both domestic and industrial water by the downstream municipalities of the watershed. However, degradation of the watershed has resulted in the decrease of water yield resulting to insufficient water supply. Hence, there is an urgent need to rehabilitate the area to stabilize the soil cover of the whole area and improve water supply.

Region 6: Iloilo