(Pursuant to EO 192 as per Approved DENR Rationalization Plan)

Office of the Director

Phone: (63-2) 928-9313/927-4788Fax: (63-2) 920-0374


Office of the Assistant Director

Phone: (63-2) 927-4784 Fax: (63-2) 928-2778

OIC, Assistant Director

Planning and Project Management Services Division

Phone: (63-2) 927-6217 Fax: (63-2) 920-0368


Legal Division

Phone: (63-2) 927-7377

Atty. Alma T. delos Reyes-Lanzo

Forest Economics Division

Phone: (63-2) 926-2141 / 925-9796Fax: (63-2) 920-8650

Mr. Alejandrino R. Sibucao, Jr.

Section Heads
Mr. Eugene V. Estrada
Officer-In-Charge, Forestry Statistics Section

Mr. Alejandrino R. Sibucao, Jr.
Officer-In-Charge, Economic Analysis Section

For. Genesis J. Francisco
Chief, Forest Policy Section

Reforestation Division

Phone: (63-2) 927-2491 / 928-2891

For. Remedios S. Evangelista

Section Heads
For. Julie N. Tanguilig
In-Charge, Forest Nursery & Plantation Section

For. Rebecca B. Aguda
In-Charge, Forest Soils Section

For. Alicia L. Castillo
Chief, Watershed Management Section

FFor. Rebecca B. Aguda
Officer-In-Charge, Forest Seed & Tree Improvement Section

Natural Forest Management Division

Phone: (63-2) 927-6229 / 925-2135

For. Jesus A. Javier
Division Chief

Section Heads
For. Nemesio Beronilla
In-Charge, Utilization Section

For. Rene Siapno
In-Charge, Inventory Section

For. Raul M. Briz
In-Charge, Silviculture Section

Community-Based Forest Management Division

Phone: (63-2) 927-7278

For. Isabelita V. Austria

Section Heads
For. Angelita V. Racelis
In-Charge, Project Support Section

For. Nilda S. Patiga
Officer-In-Charge, Program Development Section

For. Luz Maria S. Lansigan
In-Charge, Network Development Section

Forest Land Use Division

Phone:(63-2) 929-1324 / 925-2140

For. Nely M. Butic

Section Heads
For. Peregrino S. Bagunu Jr.
Officer-In-Charge, ITP/Agro-forestry Section

For. Juliet G. Tolentino
Officer-In-Charge, Rangeland Section

For. Amie T. Rabang
Officer-In-Charge, Forestland Uses Section

Administrative Division

Phone: (63-2) 926-6526

Ms. Anita R. Bravante

Unit Heads
Ms. Alma Luz N. Contreras
Chief, Accounting Unit / Phone: (63-2) 927-6995

Mr. Zosimo I. Pedron
Chief, Budget Unit / Phone: (63-2) 920-4420

Ms. Rosalina M. Alforja
Officer-In-Charge, Cashier Unit / Phone: (63-2) 928-9605

Ms. Melinda C. Martinez
Chief, Personnel Unit / Phone: (63-2) 927-6978

Ms. Lucia C. Francisco
In-Charge, Records Unit / Phone: (63-2) 925-2141

Mr. Dencio R. Dadis
Chief, General Services Unit and concurrent OIC, Property Unit
Phone: (63-2) 927-5216

Office of the Auditor
Raymond F. Flores
Auditor IV, Commission on Audit / Phone: (63-2) 928-0271

Special Projects

Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project (INREMP)
For. Amie T.Rabang
concurrent Project Manager / Phone: (63-2) 332-3056

Forest Management Project (FMP)
For. Orlando A. Panganiban
concurrent Project Manager / Phone: (63-2) 928-0425

Featured Content

Global Objectives on Forest
On 20 January, 2017, during the UN Forum on Forests, 197 Member States reached agreement on the first UN Strategic Plan for Forests that provides an ambitious vision for global forests in 2030. This plan will significantly improve the outlook for the world’s forests, including a target that would expand the world’s forests by 120 million hectares - an area about the size of South Africa - by 2030.
“Agriculture, forestry and fisheries contribute massively to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals… Forests and sustainable management of forests are core aspects of SDG15 and its targets. |more|
UN Forest Instrument: A Framework For Implementing Sustainable Forest Management
As a framework for implementing sustainable forest management, the UN Forest Instrument includes a set of 25 National Policies and Measures, which are designed to bring the country closer to the goal of achieving sustainably managed forest ecosystems all over the archipelago. Although on voluntary basis, each member state of UNFF is responsible for the sustainable management of its forests and enforcement of its forest-related laws. Importantly, in addition to the Government’s forest service units, all relevant stakeholders including local government units (LGU), local and indigenous communities, and non-governmental, civil society, academe, and media organizations will be involved through transparent, participatory constructive engagements, dialogues, and consultations. |more|
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