Forest Management Bureau LOGO

The logo of the Forest Management Bureau has a green circle representing unity in the Bureau in providing quality Philippine Forestry Service since its institution in 1987.

The hands inside the circle represent the different stakeholders that depend on the health and vitality of forests and the ecosystem services they provide. The hands have different shades of brown which show the diversity of stakeholders. Hands are raised with open palms to symbolize willingness and readiness of the government and various stakeholders to work together for the development of forestlands and watersheds. It is also an appeal to the citizenry to take the initiative in the protection and conservation of the remaining forests.

The hands topped with leaves form five trees that symbolize multiple benefits from ecosystem services provided by forests: protection, production, environmental, social, and cultural. Alongside the trees, the name of the Bureau is a reminder of its goal to sustain the diversity of forest ecosystem services for all Filipinos by harnessing forestry science for sustainable development.

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