Bike Hike Plant+ 2021: Celebrating the Philippine Forestry Service and Arbor Day

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), through the Forest Management Bureau (FMB), celebrates the 158th Year of Philippine Forestry Service and Arbor Day with “Bike Hike Plant + (BHP+),” a 20-day virtual accumulated marathon which runs from June 1 to 20, 2021 and culminates with a tree planting activity. Accumulated kilometers will be converted into actual seedlings and planted in reforestation sites of partner institutions. 

The event takes off from the objectives of the original Bike Hike Plant which are to celebrate and showcase the beauty of Philippine forests, encourage the participation of various stakeholders in taking care of our forests, and widen the network of forestry champions to include bikers and hikers in rehabilitating and protecting our forests through promotion of responsible tourism and proactive reforestation. BHP+ will be accommodating not just biking and hiking enthusiasts but also to runners and walkers. By participating in BHP+ 2021 we encourage the public to boost their immune system and improve their well-being to fight COVID-19 while we continue our advocacy to plant trees. 
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