The Forest Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources provides support for the effective protection, development, occupancy management, and conservation of forest lands and watersheds. It collaborates with international and local development organizations in several forestry development programs. 

The Bureau has the following functions:
  • Recommends policies and/or programs for the effective protection, development, occupancy, management and conservation of forest lands, watersheds, including grazing and mangrove areas, reforestation and rehabilitation of critically denuded/degraded forest reservations, improvement of water resource use and development, ancestral lands, wilderness areas and other natural reserves, development of forest plantations, including rattan, bamboo and other valuable non-timber forest resources, rationalization of the wood-based industries, regulation of utilization and exploitation of forest resources including wildlife, to ensure continued supply of forest goods and services;
  • Advises the Regional Offices in the implementation of the above policies and/or programs;
  • Develops plans, programs, operating standards and administrative measures to promote the Bureau’s objectives and functions;
  • Assists in the monitoring and evaluation of forestry and watershed development projects to ensure efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Undertakes studies on the economics of forest-based industries, including the supply and demand trends on the local, national and international levels, identifying investment problems and opportunities in various areas.
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