Collect Earth Training-Workshop for NFMIS and Capacity Building for REDD+

The Food and Agriculture Organization in coordination with Forest Management Bureau (FPPKMD-FGDIS) conducted the "National Forest Monitoring Information System and Capacity Building for REDD+ (Collect Earth Training-Workshop)" in accordance with the FAO-INPE project to support REDD+ readiness.

The training-workshop aimed to strengthen GIS and Remote Sensing capacity through the use of Collect Earth, a Java-based Google Earth plugin developed by FAO for land use, land use change and forest assessment in conjunction with Google Earth Engine and Bing Maps.

Participants were expected to learn and analyze available satellite imagery with free and open-source GIS and remote sensing software (Collect Earth) using sampling and wall-to-wall mapping approaches and be familiarized with IPCC guidelines for monitoring land use, land use change and forestry.

Around 30 participants from DENR Regional Offices and Forest Management Bureau personnel attended the workshop.

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