The first episode of the golden grass talk was hosted by Mr. Martin Javier, sports anchor and TV host. The first two guests of the show were the Director of the Forest Management Bureau Lourdes C. Wagan, and the Assistant Secretary of Climate Change and Director of the Biodiversity Management Bureau Ricardo L. Calderon.

The speakers imparted the versatility of bamboo and its relevance to Filipino people. It was emphasized that bamboo has been part of the culture of the Filipinos and it became more relevant nowadays due to various innovations and technologies on bamboo. The benefits and contributions of the tallest grass in the world was also discussed as this plant is included as one of the priority commodities in the enhanced national greening program since 2011. Bamboo is seen as two-pronged solution in the attainment of the objectives of the program, environmentally and economically.

Watch the Golden Grass Talk Episode 1

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