FMB conducts last Golden Grass Talk. The use of bamboo as a sustainable alternative raw material and its commercial potential was featured in the last part of the Golden Grass Talk, which was conducted by the Forest Management Bureau (FMB) on September 30, 2020.
Two guest speakers were invited to share their bamboo-related business experience in the event: Mr. Jamico Jamlang of The Bamboo Company, an eco-friendly bamboo company in the Philippines that aims to solve plastic pollution and rural poverty through the use of bamboo and Mr. Bryan McClelland, president and CEO at Bambike, a socio-ecological enterprise based in the Philippines that crafts bamboo by hand.

Advantages and disadvantages were discussed by both companies as to why they chose bamboo as their main product. For the advantages, they shared the qualities of bamboo that make it a desirable material for various products. Bamboos were characterized as “strong, flexible, resilient, and aesthetic” aside from being abundant in the Philippines.

Disadvantages on using bamboo were also cited, including sourcing raw materials, limited technology available in the Philippines for bamboo engineering, and consumers awareness and acceptance on bamboo products.

Though bamboo is abundant in the wild, these companies need bamboo plantation that can be utilized and can sustain the needs in the production of bamboo products. Having these challenges, both companies are trying their best to promote bamboo as a solution to protect the environment through sustainable use. They do this through the continuous innovation of bamboo products and poverty alleviation by generating jobs for the local community.

FMB Director Lourdes C. Wagan expressed her deepest gratitude to all the distinguished partners, speakers, and all who participated in the three episodes of the Golden Grass Talk. She congratulated all the DENR Field Offices for the successful simultaneous local bamboo planting activities. As a conclusion, Wagan challenged the participants “to continue responding in the advocacies and to support investment and sustainable bamboo production and never stop innovating products from bamboo to replace non-renewable high carbon footprint materials.” 

“Bamboo is a revolutionary product that has already established markets with environmental, economic, and social significance not only in the Philippines but also in other countries,” Wagan pointed out.

The event was hosted by Mr. Martin Javier, sports anchor and TV host. 
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